About us

About us

Our history.

For a city stuck inside, Freedom Harley-Davidson® of Ottawa has straddled and revved up a new lifestyle. For those willing.

The willing have been buying Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in Ottawa since the mid-80s, but Freedom was achieved in 2011 when Freedom Harley-Davidson® of Ottawa packed-up and blew the doors off our old shops. Now in a bigger shop at 1963 Merivale Road, we are better equipped to get you on your favourite model or help steer you in the right direction.

Ottawa has a tight knit riding community. If we don’t know you, we’d like to. And if we do know you…

Who we are.

We know you because we’re just like you.

We are a dedicated staff of Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts and riders who understand and live the culture, the community, the camaraderie that is Harley-Davidson. Ottawa needs two-wheeled freedom. Out with the windows, doors, and high gas prices. We believe less is more.

What we offer.

A home built for Harley-Davidson®. By Harley-Davidson®.

Somewhere for meeting your long lost relative and old family reunions. At Freedom Harley-Davidson® of Ottawa we have more than just motorcycles. We have Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. That means we don’t just service, support, and sell you a ride.

We offer you a lifestyle. A family.

Why we do it.

We do it to uphold the passion that 4 men started over 110 years ago. A passion that they never dreamed would inspire the worlds biggest family. We do it because we have found the remedy to a rather dull and uneventful life - And we just can’t get enough of it.